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Dear Boss,

                         In the den of sin, I live and breathe!
                        A grand job the last one was, though...
                        Among this filth of people and disease
                           To make that thick blood flow.

                       My long knife so silvery, nice, and sharp!
                         You'll hear Saucy Jack's work tomorrow
                       when I play this knife like a stringed harp
                         and your nation will feign more sorrow.

                           Whitechapel repulses all your kind,
                         So don't make a villain out of twisted me,
                          when you think these whores have no mind,
                           I do what's secretly wished by thee.

                          I'll get back to my important work now,
                         And you'll doubtless try to stop my crime
                           For it's hypocrisy that make you bow,
                        For I clean out the mess you hate, the slime.

                                                                              Yours Truly,
                                                                           Jack The Ripper
This is, of course, in homage to Jack the Ripper, my favorite serial killer. (Everyone has a favorite right?)

Anyway, this is what I wrote. I'm worried some lines may be stretched a little, potentially damaging the rhyme flow, but I figured I would post it anyway. It's not the most serious thing I've ever written but it was a lot fun to create.
koponya Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012   Digital Artist
I found this on newest deviations.. Really glad for that! :)
He's my favorite, too. :la:
Neutralgray Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012
Glad to see I'm not alone.
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